Zodiac’s Research & Development teams are continuously working on creating innovative, energy-efficient and user-friendly residential pool products.

This also includes investing in and improving the original technologies Zodiac has acquired, including Baracuda, Polaris, Nature2, Clearwater, Jandy and Premium Quality Chemicals.

Utilising the latest materials, manufacturing techniques and technology, we aim to deliver superior convenience, comfort and safety through our products, whilst meeting strict international performance standards.

Our technological expertise can be seen in the design of our products, as well as our production and use of materials. Our highly diversified range is an illustration of our ability to apply this expertise to swimming pool cleanerschlorination systemscontrol systemspool heatingfiltration equipment, as well as pool and spa chemicals.

Zodiac has three research and development laboratories around the world that also act as centres of excellence for certain products and technologies. We are proud to host one such design centre at our Australian head office at Smithfield in Sydney. The R&D team in Sydney is primarily responsible for water care, and its role is to develop innovative solutions, both automated and manual (chemical), that help pool owners achieve the perfect pool experience.

All Zodiac products comply with international standards and the toughest quality requirements.