People invest in pools for a variety of reasons. To spend more time with the kids, to provide the family with a more active lifestyle, to stay fit, to enhance the outdoor area and overall property, etc. Buying a pool truly has the potential to enrich your life.

Today pools come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes to suit different budgets, backyard configurations, tastes and requirements. Zodiac supplies pool equipment to pool builders across the country; both big and small, high-end and budget focused.


Whether you are a seasoned pool owner, are in the process of building a new pool or have recently moved into a home with an existing pool, we find most pool owners are hungry for information to help make pool ownership easier and more enjoyable.

The articles in this section provide some helpful hints and tips about pool ownership. They have been grouped into articles that will appeal to existing pool owners and those that are relevant to new pool owners or prospective new pool owners.