A glimmering, crystal clear pool doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Most people don’t know that the right balance of pool chemicals can prevent algae and make your water of an exceptional quality.

Pure Balance Pool

Just like people, pool water needs balance. This balance provides the basis that your other pool chemicals need in order to work. Unbalanced water can become green or can even damage the pool equipment, because the chlorine and other chemicals you pu…

Pure Protection Pool

The key ingredient in protective products is Chlorine, a common and the most widely used element to purify and eliminate harmful micro-organisms from our drinking water. By adding purifiers to a well-balanced pool, effective protection against bacter…

Pure Perfection Pool

Zodiac’s Pure Perfection Chemicals are designed to improve the quality of your pool and pool water. This may involve cleaning, clarifying or even softening the texture of the water.