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Zodiac Products

At Zodiac we want to give you more time to enjoy your pool or spa, in a comfortable, safe environment. We’re always working on new products that take the hassle out of pool and spa maintenance, or that increase your comfort and peace of mind.

You can eliminate pool debris faster and more effectively than ever before with our high performance cleaners. These include suction and robotic pool cleaners.

To ensure you’re healthy in the water and out we supply the biggest range of salt chlorinators, chemicals, chemical feeders, pumps, filters and more.

Zodiac also offers numerous products designed to make your swimming experience as comfortable as possible. For instance, our pool heat pumps offer increased comfort throughout the year.





The first Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner hit the water more than 30 years ago. Since then, Zodiac has been the product of choice for pool owners who want a sparkling clean pool, 24 hours a day... effortlessly.

The Zodiac range of Automatic Pool Cleaners is designed to provide years of hassle-free maintenance and effortless performance.


Zodiac are the industry leaders in salt chlorinators. Swimming pool chlorinators create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to your pool manually. 


Create a pure, sparkling pool in three easy steps! To get the most enjoyment out of your pool, you need to look after it carefully. That's where the Zodiac Pure Solution complete pool care system comes in.

In just three easy steps, you'll be enjoying a cleaner pool with more sparkle.


Dive in and get the most out of your pool this year! Whilst your neighbours have put the pool to bed for winter, you and your family can be enjoying your pool all year round. And it's not as costly as you might think. Zodiac is the leading supplier of heat pumps for domestic swimming pools in Australia.

Pool Pumps

You need a healthy heart to enjoy life to its fullest! Likewise to get the most from your pool you need a pool pump that operates effectively, efficiently and quietly year round. The pool pump draws water from your pool and circulates it through the filter and salt chlorinator, delivering clean healthy water back into your pool. Switch to a energy efficient multi speed pump today and save hundreds of dollars per annum. 


We are  proudly entering the Filter Market with our Flo Pro S Series of Fibreglass Sand Filters. Like the pool pump, the filter is an essential component of every pool. The most common type of filter sold in South Africa are sand filters . Sand filters strain the water, filtering out impurities. These impurities eventually clog up the sand, which should be cleared every 6-8 weeks using a process called backwashing. Sand filters are simple to operate and maintain, and only need to be cleaned once or twice a season.


Zodiac® sets the benchmark in quality and innovation for no maintenance pool valves. For over 30 years Zodiac®’s range of valves has been the undisputed global leader in the pool and spa industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes for easier, problem-free installations.

LED Lights

A Swimming pool is the focal point for any outdoor entertainment area. LUMINOX LED pool lights in your swimming pool will add to the ambiance of your entertainment area.

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