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Pool Lab

Zodiac Pool Lab is the pool professional range of chemicals which offers a complete pool care system that is all about making the pool experience the best it can be. 



Pool Lab Chlorine

Controls algae and bacteria  in swimming pools.

Pool Lab Acids

Balances pH in swimming pools.

Pool Lab Algaecides

Destroys Black & Green algae in swimming pools.

Pool Lab Speciality

Maintains swimming pool clarity.

Pool Lab Powders

Turns cloudy water crystal clear.

Pool Lab Spa Range

Removes organic matter from Spa water.

Pool Lab Peroxide

Actively combat algae infestation.

Pure Balance

Pure Balance with Zodiac swimming pool chemicals

Pure Protection

Nobody likes nasty miro-organisms crashing their pool party. To protect your pool from unwanted guests and to keep your water nice and clean, use purifying or protective products.

Pure Perfection

After you've taken care of unwanted guests such as algae and other micro- organisms, it's time to focus on the important stuff: making your pool glisten and sparkle.