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Pool Cleaner Accessories

All the accessories for your pool cleaners



Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

The Cyclonic Leaf Catcher™ uses an innovative vortex collection method to trap leaves and debris before they reach the weir or filter basket. The product also boasts many unique features, making it the class leader.

Flow Regulator Valve

The MX flow regulator is designed to be used with Zodiac MX6 and MX8 Pool Cleaners and optimizes your cleaner for efficiency. 

Twist Lock Hoses

This innovative hose is now available on all Zodiac automatic  pool cleaners. 

Adjustable Deflector Wheel

Deflector wheels are great for guiding the automatic pool cleaner away from difficult areas in a pool so that it does not get stuck. 

Auto Weir Valve

The Automatic Weir Valve helps you to regulate the flow of water passing through your unit for optimal performance.

C-Clip Hose Weight

This easy connectable hose weight will help your disc based pool cleaner remain flat on the pool surface.

Hose Protector

This accessory protects your hose from wearing too quickly.

Weir Adaptor Kit

If you are struggling to connect the Auto Weir Valve or even standard hose to your weir, this kit should give you an adaptor which will ensure the correct fit.

  • The Smart Water Care System.

    The Smart Water Care System. GO

  • Pacer

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