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EI Classic Series

The Ei Classic Series now represents a revolution in the entry level salt chlorination category, which boasts the latest in cutting edge technology featuring reverse polarity. Using the principles of electrolysis this Saltwater Chlorinator will convert ordinary saltwater into 100% usable chlorine to safely and effectively sanitise your pool.

Much of the technology in this range comes straight from the flagship Clearwater Tri Series, making these entry level reverse polarity chlorinators class-leading! The Ei Classic Salt Chlorinator ensures a healthy and sparkling pool and allows you more time to actually enjoy it. It is compact, looks fantastic, and is packed with great features... 


  • Automatic reverse polarity: Low maintenance unit 
  • Warning display LEDs: No Flow, Low Salt and Output 
  • User friendly interface 
  • Long Lasting, Titanium electrodes with an exclusive alloy coating 
  • Incremental chlorine output level selection 
  • Compact & great looking 
  • 2 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty